Disallowable Instruments

Disallowance refers to the process, provided for in the Interpretation Act 1987, by which either House of Parliament may, by resolution, disallow a statutory instrument with the effect that the instrument is treated as if it has been repealed and any amendments made by it undone. An instrument may be disallowed if notice of the disallowance resolution is given within 15 sitting days after notice of the rule was tabled in the House.

The table below can be used to search the database of all disallowable instruments tabled in each House since May 2023, including the current status of each rule or instrument, and the final date a notice of motion to disallow is able to be given in each House.

The data is displayed by year, use the filter to search for disallowable instruments tabled in previous year(s).

For a list of current disallowable rules or instruments in each House, see:

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